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Suggestion for my foreign clients

  • Beautiful and inexpensive projects. Quick execution.
This is a remote service offer. You will see my ideas, they will inspire you! Do not doubt. The design project will be executed in the form of 3D - graphics. If it is necessary for you - there will also be the plan of the floor, section elevations, proposal on color and materials. Project cost for one room 3D graphics – $940 The plan of floor 3D the plan of the floor for one room - $250 Section elevations of one room - $260  Proposal on materials and color – $200 Offers on design of commercial rooms have the separate price tag. I will also make a private house project for you.
To contact me, go to the контакты page and write me an email
short videos of my projects:

Berkeley. dining room interior design. photo
living room interior design. image
Burbank. dining room interior design. Photo
floor plan, interior design. Photo
3D interior plan. Photo
section elevations plan. photo
interior design proposed materials. photo
studio apartment design. Long Beach. Photo
atrium house project. photo
apartment design in New York at Bennett AVE. Photo
interior design of the kitchen. Photo
Clearwater, interior design. Photo
Coral Springs, bedroom interior design. photo
Fort Lauderdale, dining room interior design. Photo
small house project in Palmdale. Photo
studio apartment design. Washington. Photo
Hialeah, bedroom interior design. photo
 bedroom interior design. photo
studio apartment design. Miami. Photo
home interior design. photo
girl's room design. Huntington Beach. Photo
studio apartment design. Modesto. Photo
House project. Huntington Beach. photo
studio design in red. Jacksonville. Photo
studio apartment design. Norwalk. Photo
studio design in red. Photo
home interior design. Lexington. photo
studio apartment design. Los Angeles. Photo
studio apartment design. Miramar. Photo
House project. Lowell. photo
House project. Long Beach. photo
pop art studio design. Los Angeles. Photo
studio apartment design. Palm Bay. Photo
House project. Miami. photo
House project. Midland. photo
small house project Palm Bay. Image
House project. Midland. image
studio apartment design. Moreno Valley. Photo
House project in Norwalk. photo
House project in Ontario. photo
studio apartment design. New York Photo
studio design in red. Palm Bay. Photo
Anaheim. living room interior design. photo
small house project Palm Bay. Photo